Help the Cool Cats Grow Our Audience!

December 1, 2016


Hey Boston! Meow are you? Us cool cats are requesting your help please!


So many of PURR’s followers have asked us what they can do to help ensure PURR’s success, and we finally have an answer! If you are a cat lover with a minimum of 1,000 unique friends across your social media platforms, then you qualify to be a PURR promoter!


We are working on kicking off a crowd funding campaign for PURR in December. This campaign is important to the success of PURR, because opening up a Cat Café is a very expensive undertaking. We need this campaign to be a success to offset our operational expenses, which include the following:


  •  Legal fees to properly zone and permit PURR

  •  Legal fees for contractual agreements with our rescue group, Boston’s Forgotten Felines,       and our graphic artist

  •  Rent for the space we are leasing for PURR

  •  Architectural fees, interior designer fees, and construction buildout

  •  Salaries for the rapidly building PURR team

  •  Production of PURR merchandise (or PURRchandise)

  •  Veterinary wellness checks and necessary medical fees for our cool cats

  •  Supplies for the cats, including high quality food, preventative, holistic medication and care, and kitty litter. Lots of kitty litter!


So, how can you help the coolest cats with this campaign before it’s even started? You can help us grow our social media following. The key to a successful crowdfunding campaign is to cast a wide net and reach as many potential donors as possible. So, in the interest of making our upcoming campaign as successful as possible, we are asking you to help us grow our audience through social media.


All you have to do is share each of PURR’s social media posts to all of your friends and ask them to share as well. Then, when we have launched our crowdfunding campaign, post 5 personally written PURR promos to your friends asking them to contribute to our campaign and to share it with their social networks.


This will only take a few minutes of your time per day, and it would be a huge help to PURR and the coolest cats in town!


As thanks for your help, we are offing PURR promoters the PURR t-shirt of your choice, a Mr. Whiskers pin, and 2 hours of complimentary admission to PURR once we open our doors (you will be required to book in advance).


These items and many other great perks will be offered through our crowdfunding campaign as well, so stayed tuned as we get closer and closer to the campaign’s launch!


So, are you up for the challenge to help PURR grow our audience?


If you have at least 1,000 unique friends across your social media platforms, please contact us at with the following information: your name, age, school/past schools and/or place of employment, and links to your social profiles. We will be in touch as quickly as possible to get you on the PURR team!


As always, the Crazy hooman, the PURR team and the coolest cats greatly appreciate all of your help and support!



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