What is a cat café?

Originating in Asia in 1998, cat cafe's are a great way for people to enjoy the company of furry felines. Whether it is because you can't have pets at home or need some extra kitty therapy, cat cafes are a great way to get your cat fix. There are over 250 in the United States.

Is PURR a Cafe?

No- PURR is not a traditional Cafe.  We just serve cats!  We invite you to bring food and beverages to enjoy. 

You can purchase food and beverages at any of the surrounding restaurants: 





How does a visit or reservation work?


All visitors are welcome to come play and visit with our kitties. PURR Cat Café charges each visit by the hour. We would prefer if you pre-book your visit online.  The charge is $20.00 per hour per person. 


Can children come play with the kitties?

We encourage children to be 6 years and older to visit with the cats. We expect children to treat cats the same as adult visitors would and follow the house rules. Children are welcome between 1:00 PM - 6:00 PM.

What are the house rules?

Thanks for asking! They are:

      1. Please use inside voices and walk slowly. Loud noises and fast movements can scare the cats.

      2. Do no chase or throw things at the cats.

      3. Let the cats rest where they are, do no pick up any cat.

      4. Please pay attention to cat behavior and respect their space. If you are unfamiliar, ask a member of the

          PURR team.

      We enforce these rules for the safety of all of our visitors and our cats. Those who cannot abide by our

      house rules will be politely asked to visit at another time.  


Are the cats adoptable?

Yes! PURR Cat Cafe fosters cats in need from our rescue partner until the cats are adopted! 

What is the adoption process like?

If you are interested in adopting a cat from PURR, you need to submit an application and receive approval from 

Bay State Animal Cooperative.  Bay State handles the adoption process and you can learn more information regarding the process by visiting their website.  www.baystateanimals.org

Do the cats stay at PURR Cat Café full time?

Yes. The cats at PURR Cat Café live in a cage free environment, which is conducive to interaction with our guests. They have the option to roam freely and have plenty of soft beds and high perches to explore and sleep on. Security is of the upmost importance to us. We have security cameras that are on 24/7 to ensure the safety of our cats.


How do you get to PURR Cat Café?

PURR Cat Café is located at 167 Chestnut Hill Ave in Brighton, Massachusetts.


The best way to arrive by public transportation is via the Green B Line (Chiswick Rd Stop, Chestnut Hill Avenue Stop and South Street Stop) and the 86 Bus (Chestnut Hill Ave @Chiswick Rd Stop).

Where should I park for PURR Cat Cafe?

There is parking all along Chestnut Hill Ave. and neighborhood streets.

Can I take photos?

Yes! However, no flash please. 

Can I bring my own cat?

Sorry, you cannot bring your own cat or pet to PURR. We take the safety of all cats very seriously and the introduction of outside cats can be dangerous.

Is PURR handicap or wheelchair accessible?


Does PURR offer senior citizen discounts?

Yes! Senior citizens receive a 25% off discount!

Does PURR have subscriptions?

Yes! Cat-lovers are welcome to sign up for month-long subscriptions-- and students can receive a discount rate as well!



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